So I had an interesting week…

I’ve always had floaters, those translucent and/or dark spots in your eyes that move around. I once had so many I read about it and found out it was normal…..but if you suddenly have a zillion, go to a doctor, it could be a retinal detachment. .

I fortunately figured this out quickly this past week. I saw bright silver strips of light in my peripheral vision one night and I set up an appt. Twelve hours later, before the appt., I saw the floaters, suddenly out of nowhere—-thousands of black dots, not unlike pepper flakes. It turns out they’re blood cells from ruptured blood vessels. Not much is released, but at that proximity, it seemed like an invasion.The opthalmologist took forever to find just one tear around my retina. Eighteen hours later a retinal specialist, with the first name “Marnie”  :-) found lots….tons. How’s that for an accurate timeline of its rapid progression?

Yesterday I had outpatient laser surgery to basically keep my retina attached by creating scar tissue. She shot the outermost layer of my eyeball with a hypodermic full of an anesthetic. Did that make you wince?  Tee he he…..I had had numbing eyedrops already…they just weren’t enough. I got 1,680 laser blasts! The first few were so painful I’m not sure I’ve ever felt anything worse. After the anesthesia, it hurt considerably less. She said I won the highest number for the week. I asked only for the week? Pity from anyone out there? I need a nurse…maybe another cat instead.

Thank God for expert medical care. My brother also had this, but his eye had reached the retinal detachment point. That gave me confidence with my experience that I really knew what was going on, and not something imaginary.

PSA: So if you or someone you know is experiencing the bright lights, the sky full of floaters, and as in the eventual detachment, a dark curtain over their view, get them to a hospital asap. Blindness will result in 24—-72 hours if not treated. 

I’m glad they’re being proactive—-I go back in two weeks for the other eye. Oh what fun. So they may never detach, but, this is step in the right direction. Getting old is so fun.


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