When a Millenial friend saw me in a photo with one he used “pornstache”. Taken aback, my professional porn filming days only recently over, I came to accept it as a sort of not really compliment. Did all your fathers have one? Did you find his ‘stache of porn? Were they all men? Did he have some issues?

I’ve been wondering when they’ll reappear. The few young men I’ve seen sprouting ones, do the weirdest thing to me:

they’re mustachioed, but they’re young, but it’s not the Seventies or Eighties, but they’re young…and really hot, but it gets weird….it’s like a time displacement thing ‘ya know?

Still a hot look and to me the “1890’s bartender” upturned ‘stache that’s reappearing especially here on Tumblr is pretty cool. When I first saw goatees in the early Nineties, it was as if the Beatnik Generation (I had just been born but I saw the look in popular media as I grew up) came out of hiding.

So what’s next?


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