One of my fav bands. 

This is one of those groups I bought on vinyl, then cassette, then cd, then remastered cd boxed set. Ridiculous, but what to do?

I saw them in ‘95 and ‘11, much to my heart’s content. I would have paid anything, as I used to say, to see them in the Seventies. 

In the latter concert they had a backup group of three women sing “Dirty Work”, from Can’t Buy a Thrill, possibly because David Palmer, not Fagan sang it on the album. It’s one of my favorite songs about a “backdoor man”, a term a millenial friend of mine had never heard of before. The lyrics are a great mixture of resignation and remorse about his role.


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    fagen his name is FAGEN with an E it’s right there on the cover of the nightfly ffs
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