Fifty-six today. And please kids, don’t give me the “age is just a number” line.


Here’s to 1957, the year with the highest number of births during the Baby Boom(‘46—‘64)!

I feel so unique.


  1. ahodgepodgery said: Felicitations! I can’t imagine all the different events and wonderful stories you have collected over the years. A raised glass to many more birthdays to come.
  2. rumorcontrol said: Happy Birthday, Handsome! I think after all you’ve done and all you still do, you’ve earned the right to upgrade your self-description to Midcentury Modern.
  3. nelsoncarpenter said: Happy Birthday!
  4. arnoldhorshak said: Happy birthday. You are old as fuck. I am 47 at the end of the month. We must be two of the oldest on tumblr.
  5. jefscom said: A very Happy Birthday to you!
  6. meestarman said: Happy birthday! :D
  7. the-almost-bear said: Happy birthday!! :-) Tanti auguri!
  8. fallendowndrunkenfriend said: happy birthday! hope its a good one.
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