And here’s a glimpse of the garden I wrote about often when I started my blog in early February 2012. It was showcased in the Minneapolis newspaper way back when. I’ve got the entire article scanned so I’ll post again soon. 

The photographer used a wide angle lens, so my face appears wider than it actually is—-at least I notice and it looks odd. I’m 43 here.

The garden grew over an eight year period and I had to leave it behind at my ex’s house when we split. So now two places later I still grow everything in submerged pots for eventual relocation (!)

If you notice my hands have blood on them from scratches. No, it wasn’t from the ex, I’d still live there a few more years :-O  We took in a wild Groundhog, and she got nervous since I had handled her longer than usual for the shoot.  

And what a lovely meditative place it was…..and fun to plan and plant. I had become proud of my labor of love long before the article. But it was you might say icing on the cake.


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