Fluffed my beard by scratching for my photo shoot. I’m next to an antique mantle clock my dad got for my mom back in ‘72—-hence the antique sepia-toned print. 1972 might as well be the 19th Century to many of my millenial followers ;-P

After some repairs, I picked it up today. Getting used to the tick-tock sound again for the first time in a decade. It takes a few days. I’m pulling the hammer that hits the coil for the hourly chimes a little farther out……otherwise you wake up in the middle of a difficult night’s sleep, and count, “one….two….three……” and your mind goes something like, wtf! I’ve only got four hours before I have to wake up!”

It’s not a terribly valuable piece, but it means a lot to me. That’s the way it goes sometimes.


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