Tree Hugger

Negative Connotation: a liberal environmentalist the conservative right hates. A term conservatives bandy about to describe someone as harmless by their doe-eyed love of nature but dangerous ‘cause they’re too biased and dumb to weigh both sides of an environmental issue. And they do throw it around like mud, and it hurts each time I read it.

(My) Positive Connotation: a flattering term used to describe someone who cherishes and respects nature, in part due to their knowledge that we need plants to be able to breathe and eat—-they really don’t need us. Maybe we should explain that to the many idiots that still don’t believe in climate change, the part, at least, that humans have contributed.

Me last summer hugging a 300 (?) year old White Oak at a family member’s farm to prove a point! What a beauty. And all it’s seen in its lifetime. All those summer storms, rains, snowfalls and sunsets. Amazing.


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