I saved the best for last. Photography and scale: the walls are around three stories tall!

This is my idea of paradise.

The walls of rock, the colors of the rock, the lichen growing on them, tiny ferns in cracks, one of my favorite greens in the water, the browns and khaki colors of the water. The beer cans. Part of a hospital bed. Poison Ivy everywhere!

And we saw a kingfisher overhead. I had heard some really loud, very, very loud in fact, screeching birds over my pond a few weeks ago. Really screechy and…..loud. I think it was a mating ritual. Joel and I couldn’t decide for sure the type of bird from my description.

The DNR…dept of natural resource a**holes never sent an email reply from my rapturous description. So there in one second, we saw and heard one, and I wuz happy!


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