There’s something about that cadmium yellow-colored parking lot yellow I like so much.

A yellow ginko leaf at this time in the Midwest doesn’t reflect so much autumn as a stressful response to a recent dry spell.

What’s an amazing quality of the Ginko leaf?

It’s the only living tree with veins that run parallel as they radiate from the leaf’s stem; versus others’ which branch out like fractals. Kinda cool. Check it out next time you pick one up.

Eastern White Pines that have seen many a season come and go are one of the most beautiful trees on our planet. I saw these companions through time on a road trip through the Midwest a few years ago.

Sleepy time.

The beautifully dynamic slow motion twining of a vine captured around a stake.

You can almost feel the life in the stems.

And here’s my pyramidal rock. I revel in its symmetry.

Over the five years or so I’ve enjoyed rearranging these Lake Superior rocks in my garden, I’ve become attached to some. My friends think I’m crazy.

This one tucks away neatly into corners too.

So here’s the first random arrangement of my pathway rocks. It may turn out to be a better arrangement than any I carefully place. Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes.

I’m going to sink them halfway into the soil and place some nearly black ones in the spaces. They’ve really dressed up one of my two gardens. I can’t wait for some wear and tear on them like settling somewhat unevenly to give the pathway character.

Some new flagstone rocks from Montana for my garden pathway

I first tested the dolly for safety going down the hill to my garden with half the number of rocks. I’ve had my dolly over twenty years and she’s tough—-and I like the orange color.

In a Baroque mood. I would have to say more Northern than Southern; ‘cause of more subdued colors(?)

Ize gots my painting setup tweaked and started a painting of my painting space in my home. When I get more into painting I’ll let myself call this room my “studio”, o in italiano “il mio studio”.

You can tell I’m feeling pretty goofy today. Oh well (!)

One mirror reflects the image of the painting in the mirror directly facing the work. The net result is viewing the piece from a distance; so you can take the whole picture in, so to speak.

Or, you can just back up, but I’m kinda lazy when it comes to that.

An artist always needs to keep a “fresh eye”, or they’ll lose perspective; stepping back, turning the work upside down, or covering it up, are all good ways to maintain this.

I’m sitting out again on my patio playing around with my camping lantern. Not that I go camping but it’s great for finding wires behind electronics and shit.

Bugs don’t seem to bother me anymore. Hmmm. But we do have over 50 species of mosquitoes in Minnesota. I’ll skip the bragging rights.

So, being outside, especially with another storm approaching, reminds me of my youth. 

I feel terribly sorry for so many children today who don’t get outside. (see Nature Defecit Disorder, a book).

Annnnnnyway….I’m glad I’ve rediscovered just sitting outside. I have been reminiscing about my adolescence in the quietitude of my garden.

Such peaceful nights with all the insects and now a gentle rain (!) And of course it’s the early 21st Century, so a selfie is de rigeur. 

Reflective late summer selfie.

We finally got rain. The tree in the background that’s leaning, is a native Black Willow. Way behind it is a tall cottonwood tree. They’re two of some of my favorite trees.