I’m sitting out again on my patio playing around with my camping lantern. Not that I go camping but it’s great for finding wires behind electronics and shit.

Bugs don’t seem to bother me anymore. Hmmm. But we do have over 50 species of mosquitoes in Minnesota. I’ll skip the bragging rights.

So, being outside, especially with another storm approaching, reminds me of my youth. 

I feel terribly sorry for so many children today who don’t get outside. (see Nature Defecit Disorder, a book).

Annnnnnyway….I’m glad I’ve rediscovered just sitting outside. I have been reminiscing about my adolescence in the quietitude of my garden.

Such peaceful nights with all the insects and now a gentle rain (!) And of course it’s the early 21st Century, so a selfie is de rigeur. 

Reflective late summer selfie.

We finally got rain. The tree in the background that’s leaning, is a native Black Willow. Way behind it is a tall cottonwood tree. They’re two of some of my favorite trees.

No shortage of bees including this one and numerous pudgy bumblebees on my 6’ tall Rusbeckia ‘Autumn Sun’.

I noticed for the first time this summer there basically aren’t any moths anymore either.


Ti ve testing, so to speak, some of the water.

He drinks differently than even his brother—-he cocks his head sideways in an awkward position, to me anway, and laps water from the water’s edge.

My first feline love was a friend’s cat, Zsa Zsa. He often reminded me The Siamese were once the Imperial Cat of Siam. Zsa Zsa and her sister Eva were quite aware of this.

They’d drink water from a cup as an oil derrick lifts oil out of the ground. They lapped up the water so delicately they barely made any noise.

My beloved Tom and Jerry—-Tom gulped it down from a bowl or glass or whatever and made lots of noise as if he was splashing about.

I only saw Jerry drink from a bowl three times in 18 years.

He had me trained for the bathtub faucet. After not seeing him for a few minutes, I’d figure out first he wasn’t nearby, then, where he was….sitting in the bathtub, perhaps for ten minutes….just looking at me, no emotion, just…a sorta innocent or maybe, bored-looking, stare.

Of course it’s all about the Cicada—-for me—-its overall shape but also its wings, folded back into such a beautiful shape from above. I love their sound. I guess it drives some people nuts. Okay, maybe lots of them. Traffic noise drives me nuts.

This is another one of my handmade teapots from China. You can find them at a nice tea shop.

My friend is perched atop a Pomegranate.

When I was growing up in Pittsburgh I would find the molted exoskeleton of a Cicada grabbing a tree trunk’s bark. Pretty weird and neat, too!

The new Gully is advancing onto my patio above, with pockets of water and greenery here and there to come.

My next step will be to revise the placement of the largest rocks, above, remove them, put a liner down, reinstall the them,whewww, and add water!

But it’s a blast. The evolution is a joy.

1998. One of my “Lost Gardens” at a place I used to call home.

Perennial Hibiscus. They’re marginally hardy here but if they survive three years they’re worth it. The flowers are as large as dinner plates. Yeah!

The tiny pathway to my patio garden. The variety ‘Tie-dye’ Petunia on the right is the coolest color in person and fades to a lighter, bluer shade than here—-the resulting contrast is nice. Jewel Weed on the left. I’m flattered they sprang up there this year.

Their seed dispersal mechanism is actually explosive—-the still green seed capsule pops—-scattering seed everywhere; so I imagine I’ll see more next year (!)

Volunteer Jewel Weed plants in my garden this year, growing above annual red Salvia.

Grocery shopping yesterday.

I didn’t even want to ask. The sign has a creppy Stephen Kingesque quality to it….

Update: I was posting this just now and figured it out.

Well…..it still looks odd.