Fall blooming Asters are bumblebee magnets. It’s so fun to see them doing their work.

Passerby and passersby

I love these words; they seem inverted or something.

I was in my car at a light, and was watching a passerby in the crosswalk.

I tried to figure out her age…and realized I still think of myself as being around her age; which I figured I was not.

As I have so many other times, as I get older, I become aware a larger and larger percentage of people I see are younger than me.

Wait, it’ll happen ;-)


We have a diagnosis… the poor guy. Both of his eardrums busted. So that caused a ton of fluid to be where it wasnt supposed to be, and it caused receptors not to work quite right in his eyes. Its called Horners Syndrome? Im thankful it can be helped with antibiotics. So im semisorta glad his eyes did that scary thing to show me there was something else wrong on the inside I couldnt see.

Good to know! That look. :-)

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I totally will. Thank you so much for caring. It means the world. whoknowswhereorwhen

Being cautious with you animal family (I like this term) is always a good idea.

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"Oh God that breath"

These are wild. Asters, Chrysanthemums? Guess I need to check.

Ah, sometimes, I really don’t care ;-)

The tiny daisy-like flowers of the Aster remind me of stars.

I love colorful flowers, and I love white.

A variety of rose that now will always remind me of my Mother.

Been experimenting with various gels to control my Einsteinesque hair and sometimes to modify the outline of my beard.

Sometimes shots you aren’t aware you’ve taken are great.