Played 32 times


Artist: The Beatles
Track: Things We Said Today
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1964
Theme: He Said She Said

Haven’t heard this one in years. So pleasant to sing.

I was only seven but I remember being immersed in the Beatles’ first two hits, in 1964; you really couldn’t avoid their music—-pop music wasn’t as diverse/fragmented as it is today.

It wasn’t until I was 14 in 1971 that I started to listen to every album. At the time I thought I had missed the boat ‘cause they had already broken up. One year doesn’t seem like such a long time anymore!

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Ti ve winding down, in Renaissance sepia, though he really never does….Angellini’s out already. My turn!

"God rays", someone told me years ago. I had always just called them "shafts of light" :-)

Out and about at a nursery yesterday. A light rain started to fall and I was a few minutes from a shed. The short walk felt great.

Sometimes I think hybridists have too much fun naming their creations ;-)

The Dahlias are late this year and barely up the stakes and thus out of view—-we’ve had a cool summer.

Some Trumpet Lilies. July is the peak blooming season for Lilies here in Minnesota.

A pathway at the Arboretum lined with Daylilies.

Another day at the arboretum. Perfect weather too.

Another Night at the Museum.

Saw a great exhibit of some of the museum’s collection of drawings from 1500—-1950’s.

More columns!

A rose from a rose bush I bought for my Mother last spring, bloomed in my garden this week.

She got to see it blossom last summer before she passed this past winter. I dug up the plant this spring and brought it to Minnesota, and it’s blooming profusely.

I always bought my Mom white roses for her birthday. The color of a rose has a specific meaning; white symbolizes everlasting love.