Some Calla Lilies I found in the trash and then threw on the floor. 

Overlooking the Mighty Mississippi


Photo courtesy

A glass curio my Mom collected and now it has a special place in my collection.

Virginia Creeper creeping on
(above?) my patio this lovely summer morn.

Red Cockscomb, one of my favorite brilliantly-colored annuals. And the tufts are kinda fun too, like a plume.

I love happening upon a view like this. The greenhouse where I buy most of my plants has construction going on so I had to use another entrance.


I miss writing in cursive. Oh, I still write notes to myself, but nothing even close to the amount I used to write.

And we didn’t need to use the word “cursive”; you either wrote or printed something.

So I struggle to keep the quality up to snuff—-in part because an exercise is fun—-the action of moving my hand circularly, then stopping, then up and down and sideways—-and I also just created something that’s beautiful to look at; even if just a note to pick up some milk.

A high dewpoint of a recent evening…

July Sunset.

Somes I just can’t recall in time for the prompt.