One of my favorite flowers, the “Queen of Bulbs”, with a storied past from Tulipmania in 17th Century Holland to even further back; an emperor who lavished his subjects with parties full of thousands of tulips (and other things I can only imagine.)

I finished this for a friend tonight who kept my place together so I could visit my ailing Mother. It had sat without a background for years now.

At the Reception following the funeral I had several people come up to me I had never met saying, “oh you’re the artist son she’s talked about!” It caught me off guard in a very tender manner.


Why yes, that’s my baby rattle in the form of a stork atop my easel. He keeps me company. That’s a smirk on his face too. Thanks for saving Mom.

Sleepy time. Again.

Haworthia ‘Korizato’, a recent find of mine. It does look soft and fuzzy now that I’m posting it but the leaf tops feel more like a green scotchpad. Cute!

Sometimes I walk along a greenhouse bench at a brisk pace and then something stops me in my tracks. It’s kinda cute and kinda freaky but either way, like a thistle plant, it tells prospective munchers to back off.

Maybe it’s ‘cause the bluish-green stem looks like a wet suit festooned with whorls of prickly pink spines—-whatever, it put a smile on my face.

As a botanist and artist, one of my favorite plants, the Thistle, in ceramic form. I have four more; I’ll line them up for another post this week. I need to hang them on a wall.

Another antique ceramic tile I discovered a few years ago. Feline shown for scale.

Cold press coffee looks like a wonderfully moist brownie when you start out. Mmmmm.

'Night Angellini.

Such a cool little tile. Possibly from a fireplace border. The tiles within a tile appear layered but of course are a single piece of clay.

So I’m looking for a near end of life not yet sympathy of course you can’t buy a “get well soon” card section.

Apparently no one does :-(