Sometimes I think hybridists have too much fun naming their creations ;-)

The Dahlias are late this year and barely up the stakes and thus out of view—-we’ve had a cool summer.

Some Trumpet Lilies. July is the peak blooming season for Lilies here in Minnesota.

A pathway at the Arboretum lined with Daylilies.

Another day at the arboretum. Perfect weather too.

Another Night at the Museum.

Saw a great exhibit of some of the museum’s collection of drawings from 1500—-1950’s.

More columns!

A rose from a rose bush I bought for my Mother last spring, bloomed in my garden this week.

She got to see it blossom last summer before she passed this past winter. I dug up the plant this spring and brought it to Minnesota, and it’s blooming profusely.

I always bought my Mom white roses for her birthday. The color of a rose has a specific meaning; white symbolizes everlasting love.


Giorgionesque. Sfumato. When I cannot garden later this year and I return to my studio, I want to explore sfumato; literally, “smoke” in Italian; a kind of glazing and/or brushstroke with finely gradated shading, as in the paintings of Giorgione,Titian and da Vinci.

Davey Crockett, eat your heart out.

Some Calla Lilies I found in the trash and then threw on the floor.