Melancholia 2

Cropping the original image I posted turns it into a more abstract composition; maybe the meaning shifts somewhat.. 


It has the same meaning as “melancholy”, but to me at least, sounds more like a state of sadness one wants to stay in, perhaps for a short while.


Peter Marshall: Paul, what was it that made Dr. Jekyll turn into Mr. Hyde?

Paul Lynde: Tweed pajamas.

Paul Lynde was the best. Wish he was still with us…..please note:the “transformation” is back into Mr. Hyde. Just making sure…

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Now I hear it.

Now I hear it.

Watching a kitten succumb to a, what else, catnap, is always a delight.

Ti-ve four years ago.

So many colorful Maple species!

Smiley mug. I bought a few of these years ago. They help me to “Have a Nice Day”.

I have a habit of drying what appear to me to be perfect artichokes. They’re morphology is not unlike that of a pine cone. I love the overlapping scales.

The old small ink drawing looks so much better out of its frame.

Silver-plated compotes wanting to be painted and a sharply angled glass box my Mom found. I love making still-lifes in my home; whether they’re ultimately painted or not.

Longest hair and beard in years. I forgot how much care longer hair needs. But it’s a nice change of pace.