"And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me, Mother Mary comes to me, let it be…"

Not sure that’s the reference Paul meant but it’s the one I use…in addition, the version from the film, Across the Universe, by a young black kid, is gut wrenching and very beautiful.

I’ve always collected statues of The Virgin Mary. This one’s about 2’ in height.

I’m going to uplight it with a candle this winter.

A song from the years when my parents were young and I was growing up …a bygone era…

I always thought this type of cloud looked like fish fillets. Hmm.

A mouse’s view of The Gully.

The minute you add water to a garden everything changes. Reflections appear.

My 2014 version of The Gully, which is my homage to, The Gully, which is in a forested hillside close to the house I grew up in in Pittsburgh. Many adolescent memories of summers wading in the water and moving rocks.

(What’s left of) My patio is muddy from the moss I brought in and rearranged.

I do have room to sit in a chair and view my work. Not really. Yes. A stool. A small chair. But my legs can’t be extended.

But I love it.

I don’t think I’ve ever even been on this ride

But it’s the second year I’ve made a gif of it at our state fair and it’s just fun to watch against the night sky.

GIF SHOP - GIF for you

Favorite Films: The Women (1939)

One of the bitchiest, cattiest, and most delightfully humorus films I’ve ever seen :-)


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Moving in and looking inward.

It’s the time when those living in the Northern Latitudes start adapting to shorter day lengths and colder temps.

Half of second bedroom is my “Winter Garden”—-a collection of small banana and acacia trees—-a much needed tropical feel. I’ll add smaller plants too. I have a wall with a bank of fluorescent lights that are quite bright.

The other half is my studio. This winter I want to reach my goal of simply painting regularly. There’s alway something else to do besides create.

Looks like it’s time to sort this corner!

Feline methods of garnering attention outdo humans’ attempts any day.

Ti ve not only enjoying a scratch but looking adorable, cute, sweet, innocent, and, why can’t we look so darling (/)

When a guy grows his beard out, he’ll often hear, “but it covers your face”. That really sucks and can even hurt.

Technically yes it does.

But beard lovers realize, indeed, (I love sounding British), that a beard makes and completes, or what have you, what of course is a natural part of a man’s face. 

I’ve said for years beards are a frame around a man’s eyes. And we all know the adage, “the eyes have it”.

I have had a lot of time to think about beards and the pros and cons in our culture and in my life since I’ve grown one off and on since 1977. I get the covering your face viewpoint but I don’t get it.